Then I Went to Italy.

After my fabulously fun wedding, we had just enough time to take a cat nap before heading back to our apartment for me to throw my entire closet into the biggest suitcase I could find. (No, I did not have time in the days leading up to said event to pack.) This method helped me to pack in record time and we managed to make it to the airport at the crack of dawn.

However, on the way to the airport we discovered that in the midst of my chaotic (yet effective) packing, we had left our camera battery charging in Uptown. You see, my wedding gift to my groom was a brand spanking new camera for us to be able to take jaw-dropping photos of the Italian landscape. Hence, the battery was easily forgotten.

Luckily, we had about a two hour layover in New York. So I built an ambitious plan for us to leave JFK, take a train into the city, fight the crowds at B&H Photo, take same train back and book it to our flight to Milan. (Yay for my old days of living in NYC!)

Except we almost didn’t make it. I apologize to and thank all those lovely people that we aggressively cut in front of in the security line. Thank goodness for the cheesy “Just Married” tank I was wearing. That, and me belting out that they would “ruin my honeymoon” if they wouldn’t get out of the way. Oh, and the elbows I was throwing to make our way to the front of the line.

It was so worth the trouble.

This was the very first photo we took on our brand spanking new camera.

Yeah, that was the view from our window. For real.

Welcome to Alba.

More to come…

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Yes. I Got Hitched.

More to come on this. I’m contemplating submitting all my wedding photos on those highly addictive wedding blogs (if they’ll feature them), so in the mean time thought I would share our full length video.

You may remember the highlight that Candlelight so quickly put up a week after the wedding. Now if you’d like you can watch my most special day all wrapped up into 17:23 minutes.

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Hello, Strangers

I know. I’m so bad. It’s been awhile since I’ve written. And I have a million excuses. Allow me to show you.

What happened after we said “I Do”

I became a Missus.

I went to Italy.

I started my own wedding planning business. Picture courtesy of Nadia at June Bug Company.

I bought a house.

And I’m living happily ever after.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy, happy, merry Christmas!

I’m so blessed to be able to spend my first married Christmas with both sets of families.

And wanted to share what my lovely in-laws gifted me with – ornaments for our first tree with our engagement shoot theme! A bike, boat and balloon ornaments! Aren’t they lovely? And so thoughtful!


I’m still reminiscing about that shoot 🙂

Happy Holidays!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! Hope your day has been filled with love and family and friends and food!!

I have been so blessed and there is just so much to be thankful for. I am a very lucky gal.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

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Bridal Portraits Revealed

The cat’s out now that you have all hopefully seen the wedding video. I hope the fondant cake reference makes sense. And I mean that in the most loving way possible as I heart Nadia, the wedding dress, more than I can craft into words. Which is weird to hold that much emotion on a ridiculous pouf dress that I only wore twice in my life and am now trying to figure out ways to wear her again soon.

Is it weird if I wear her out on New Years? People may think that I got married and just came out. (Yeah.) Just can’t bear the thought of having to clean her and put her in one of those archival boxes. Makes me feel like I’m burying her. Well, not like I can fit into her at the moment as Richie and I both gained major poundage in Italia.

Enough of the rambling! Remember my post on my bridal portraits where all I got to show you was the Delaney Vineyards? Well here are a couple of my favorites from the session. My photographer posted a beautiful color shot of me in the hanbok on his blog – go check it out.

However, these black and white ones really agreed with me. It feels weird blogging about pictures of yourself, so two seemed the appropriate number without feeling like some narcissistic bridezilla.


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Linda & Richie Wedding Video

We are back from our delightful honeymoon in Italy. Traveled for over 17 hours today so am pretty exhausted.

Now that the wedding craze is over I’ll finally get to share some of my projects with you. You’ll see tidbits of it below!

But mainly wanted to share our wedding video trailer as it was ready within a week! Clint and Lauren at Candlelight Films are amazing (if you couldn’t see for yourself) and I highly recommend them for your wedding. They just got voted best pick on So don’t dilly dally – I imagine they’ll book up quickly! We got very lucky 🙂

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