Hotel Venues

I originally imagined a very treehugger, backyard-chic wedding, but have noticed as we’ve gone venue shopping, that I am gravitating towards very modern looks. We really like the hotel venue because it allows for both the ceremony and reception in one location, and allows our guests to just walk downstairs and stumble back upstairs if needed.

In my attempts for the outdoorsy, treehugger wedding, we went to Belmont Hotel. Very casual, laid-back feel, and bonus that their catering is done by Smoke restaurant. However, pretty big risk, because the entire ceremony/reception would be outdoors. We’d have to rent a tent, and it would be in their pool area. Downside is that the party would stop at 11, because it is an actual hotel, and have to be conscious of other hotel guests.

Also, just really loved these doors and thought it could make for a really cute photo-op. But, no, this wouldn’t work. Their rain backup locale is the bar… not sure how that would work out on a Saturday night.

Went to the NYLO in Las Colinas and really loved the whole modern look. We could have the ceremony outside where they have great outdoor furniture, and loved the hanging orbs inside the reception room. But, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and I think focusing more on downtown Dallas will be nicer for our out-of-town guests, as there’s more to do there.

The A Loft Hotel in downtown was another cool venue. Everything would be downstairs in their basement level. Very minimalistic. Very bright. Back in the day, the site of the hotel was actually marked for demolition, and had parts spray painted for where the dynamite was supposed to go. When the hotel took over the location, they still had to leave those up, so it leaves an urban look.

This is where the guests would come downstairs. This was the first modern venue we saw, and I absolutely loved it.

 Also am digging the concrete, loft look.

The last hotel we considered was the Stoneleigh. Perfect locale, kitschy decor. The old owner of the hotel used to live on the penthouse floor, so it’s decorated as you imagine a really rich person would decorate. Tons of rooms, each one having a different wallpaper, or color. Obnoxious at parts. Very funky style.

Here’s the view right out of the elevator. Thought that we would replace all the pictures in the frames with ours. Saw a wedding that put in silhouettes of themselves.

They also have the coolest chandeliers.

Also, the absolute best part about the penthouse floor is that it has a two-story bridal suite. The upstairs has an amazing patio that overlooks all of downtown Dallas. Great for an afterparty. Look at the decor leading up to it.

Sadly, they were not available on our date. Poo.

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