Restaurant Venues

We visited Marie Gabrielle during their tree lighting ceremony in December. This place is truly beautiful and while it’s right around the corner from where I live, I had no idea it existed until Richie’s coworker told him about it.

This restaurant is located in Uptown, and their breathtaking outdoor garden is what connects the three office buildings that surround it. The ceremony would be outdoors under their wonderful trees. I could imagine hanging ribbons, or lanterns from them (I have an obsessive want to hang things from trees). The bride would walk through a bridge covered in ivy to get to the ceremony site. Afterwards, the guests would walk through the tiki torch lighted pathway to get back to the restaurant. In October and November, the restaurant hangs tons of lights outside. They even have a giant chess set.

My iPhone pictures were taken at night on an old version, so they are pretty grainy and do not do the place justice.

This place shot straight to the top of my venue list. Sadly, their minimums were ridiculously out of our price range, and were equivalent to many 5 star hotels/venues in the area, which was surprising. They were unwilling to negotiate, so I had to give this dream up.

Another great restaurant venue is the Avanti Fountain Place. It’s located in the I.M. Pei Fountain Building in downtown. This place is an outdoor water garden oasis. Really beautiful. One of my bridesmaids is getting married here next month, and I can’t wait to see how gorgeous it turns out.

I’m actually leaving to go to Vegas for her bachelorette party (weather permitting) tomorrow. Will continue to post about the rest of the venues after I return (there is a shocking number of them.)

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