Facials and BHLDN

Went to the mall after work to grab my dad an extremely late birthday present from Nordstrom. Stopped by the Clarins counter on my way in and picked myself up a little treat. (I was entitled – they had a free gifting event going on!) Then she signs me up for a free facial. Did you get that? A free one. Apparently, all Nordstroms’ Clarins customers can get facials anytime they want. Once a month. Seriously?

So I have decided that to keep my skin in tip-top shape I have to get a facial at least once a month until D-Day. However, that requires lots of capital (which I am lacking) so I came up with a genius plot to still get my way. Which isn’t really genius, but close. Pretty much any facial deal that pops up on Groupon in the DFW area gets purchased by moi, and gives me an excuse to get a low price facial more than twice a year (thanks to Spa Week) and allows me to try a new spa.

This month, I am redeeming one at Facelogic Spa in Frisco. I had one scheduled for next Saturday, and now I have one this Sunday, so two in one week! We’ll see how intense these Clarins’ ones are and see if on an off-month that is what I will resort to.

Anyhoo – so also had to stop at Anthropologie on my way out – for engagement shoot outfits, of course, and the lovely sales associate brightens my world by telling me that they have an Anthropologie registry. For real? Not for play? For real. I almost peed myself in excitement, and then really wanted to hug her, but didn’t want to creep her out.

Then I find out that Anthropologie is making wedding dresses and it will be unveiled on V- Day(!!) I had heard rumors of this, but assumed it would not be in my wedding lifetime.  Got home, googled, confirmed and signed up for their email. Lookit what they sent me (now I really need to find a bathroom):

Their line is called BHLDN (Beholden?) and what is a girl supposed to do with no details other than that! So stalked the web and found that they will launch online and brides-to-be can schedule local fittings. When they say local, it better be local. For real.

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