I had the pleasure of tagging along to Los Angeles with my fiance for his business trip. (Tagging along = mini vacay for me.) In a move very unlike me, I decided to head for Runyon Canyon and thoroughly enjoyed myself (even though I got wicked lost and had to be rescued – another story.) Here was my reward for making it to the top.

(Yes, those yellow swiggly things were paths to get up to where I stood to take my victory picture.)

The highlight of my trip (besides the wining and dining and mountain climbing) was the discovery of this!! It’s a S’muffin!!

What the heck is a S’muffin you say? Well, according to their website, it is “a uniquely stylish take on America’s iconic campfire treat, the S’more. We start with the traditional graham cracker base topped with a roasted marshmallow, followed by one of our delicious toppings that is also buried in the middle for a delicious burst of flavor. Each S’muffin is then hand-dipped in either dark or white chocolate.”

Oh, that’s right. They taste as good as they sound. Wouldn’t this be a perfect shower treat?? Unfortunately, only the residents in the state of California can partake in this treat, as they do not ship out of state. YET. However, there is a waiting list that you can be put on to be alerted the minute they do. So that gives Gotta Have S’more approximately four months to figure that out for moi.

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