Boot Camp

I mentioned boot camp as the bane of my skin concerns this morning. However, I don’t think it’s fair to complain about it without speaking to the more obvious, positive contributions to my life.

Texas Boot Camp teamed up with my company and has been hosting several boot camps on-site. They had a wicked awesome incentive to join, and they are on their third stint here. I am proud to say that I have been a part of this trilogy for the last three months. However, don’t be too impressed. It’s taken me three times to actually do it right.

The first month I allowed myself to engorge and binge on any edible thing in sight because why not, I was going to boot camp twice a week right? I never missed a session. So, even though I was busting my butt for two hours a week, I was inhaling twice as much as I was burning off so that was all a moot point. Gained lots of endurance and muscle though.

In part deux of boot camp, I started to monitor my eating habits (as I should have in part one). But May was an incredibly busy month, and I missed a few sessions and that led me to get off track a bit. However, with smarter meal choices paired with the sessions, I started noticing areas of my body changing shape. No weight loss, mind you, but real estate was definitely shifting. And I was pleased.

Third times the charm. Session three of boot camp began today, and man oh man, I forget how much I actually dread these sessions. It was 90 degrees today, with a humidity of disgusting, and I nearly passed out. But I feel really good about myself, and this time, I’m going to eat right, and cross train on my off days. Skeptical? So am I, but if I haven’t learned my lesson by now, there is no hope left for me. I can tell boot camp has worn off on me as I start feeling antsy when I go more than a couple of days without breaking a sweat.

Plus, I have to fly out to Jamaica in two days, and the thought of me in a bikini makes me want to chain myself to a treadmill. Oh, and a pending wedding is pretty good incentive.

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