Hiatus Spa

Hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I spent this weekend frantically trying to catch up on wedding to-dos, but still have so much to get done! I also decided to treat myself to a facial at Hiatus Spa. It was probably hands down, the best facial I have ever had, and that is saying something.

Since I have gotten engaged, I have become even more obsessed with skincare. I’m still prone to breakouts (What, am I still a teenager? Yes.) Most of this, I blame on boot camp because I’m on my hands a lot on the ground outside, and in this wretched Texas heat, I perspire quite a bit, so I’m always touching my face. Bad move. Dirt plus sweat plus more sweat is wreaking havoc on my pores. But boot camp is a must and my skin is taking one for the team. So as my plan of action, I made a commitment to getting a monthly facial. I’ve switched it up a bit and have tried out many fabulous places.

However, the facial at Hiatus was so good that I actually signed up for a membership. So for every month, I can choose from their facial, massage, body polish, mint wrap or a mani-pedi retreat. I will eventually try out the polish and wrap, but probably not until after the wedding.

My esthetician was a girl named Amelia (Emelia?) and she was quite magical. Every facial starts off with a foot soak. Then, you hop into the heated table/bed and they start by examining your current skin state to customize your facial. She threw in some relaxing aromatherapy, and started by cleansing my skin, followed up with an exfoliation treatment and some masks. In between, she also massaged my arms, legs, shoulders and upper back. Amazing, right? Facial and massage rolled into one.

It’s only been three days, and I can really see a difference. I cannot wait to go back next month. And, thank goodness my skin has started to clear up in time for Jamaica!

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