Beaches Negril

Last Thursday I flew out to Montego Bay to attend the wedding of my future cousin. It’s been my second destination wedding that I’ve had the honor of attending. This one took place in Negril at the Beaches Resort. A really great resort – a great mix of family (a waterpark!) and adult fun (with the best pina coladas I’ve ever had). It is, however, very difficult to get to. Once you land at the airport, it is another hour and a half drive by bus to get to the resort.

However, without that drive, we would have missed this gem of a pit stop. They had the best coconuts!

Once we got to the resort, we beelined it to their 7 Mile Beach. The weather was drizzly the whole time that we were there, but it still produced these pictures!

Missy’s wedding took place on the other end of the beach. Every day at 1PM, a monsoon happened and lasted for a couple of hours. However, on the afternoon of her wedding, the weather cleared up to accomodate her ceremony. Right at the end, the monsoon returned. It was like the heavens opened up to bless their union.

Other brides had the option to get married under this beautiful gazebo.

Here is a picture of her beautifully simple centerpiece. Her colors were malibu teal and bright yellow. (And yes, that is a gorgeous pool in the background).

Overall, it was such a lovely wedding and vacation, and it was so difficult to come back. Beaches was a great family friendly resort and perfect for those that want to bring their families to get married on the beach.

As for a honeymoon destination, I think there are more adult friendly resorts just down the street. I’ve heard wonderful reviews of the Rock House. According to their website, the Rock House is a “is a boutique hotel stretching across the cliffs of Pristine Cove in Negril. The resort, nestled amongst eight acres of tropical lush gardens, boasts a 60-foot cliff-top horizon pool and an award winning restaurant set on a balcony suspended directly over the water. Thatched roofed villas with private sun-bathing decks perch on the cliff’s edge, and throughout the property, ladders and stairs carved into the rock lead down to easy water access for swimming and snorkeling on the reef.” Their website has breathtaking pictures of the scenery and resort. Looks and sounds heavenly.

Now I can cross Jamaica off my list of places to visit.

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