Wedding Shoes

Got a call today from my bridal boutique alerting me that my dress is scheduled to arrive at the end of next week. I have been anticipating this, yet am still unprepared for a number of reasons. (1. I ordered a size smaller because I swore all those boot camps would make me lose a size. False.) But more importantly, I have been panicking because I realized I have not purchased my wedding shoes. This again, does not bode well because shoes are needed to alter the dress. And alter the dress I will because I am quite vertically challenged and the dress only came in a very long length. I honestly thought I had tons of time to happily shop for shoes in my leisure.

I immediately turned to one of my bridesmaids who happens to be a shoe expert. What qualifies her as a shoe expert? How about being a department manager for ladies’ shoes for the little known Neiman Marcus? That’s right. Pretty impressive, eh?

So with her expert eye, I was able to narrow my choices to these candidates.

Candidate #1 is named Shelby. She comes from the kate spade family. Super bright, super cute and would make for wicked fun wedding shoe pictures with my bridesmaids, whose shoes will also be in this color family.

Candidate #2 is Shelby’s older, sophisticated sister, Clarice. She’s business in the front, party in the back. She’s honestly exactly what I envisioned in my wedding shoes – classic, peep toe, with a contemporary twist. (Plus, I always thought I’d have kate spade walk me down the aisle).

Candidate #3 is from the Jimmy Choo family. She’s a bit of a snob, but Clue is crazy sophisticated and super versatile. I would definitely get the most use out of her if I were to select her. Did I mention that she’s also deceptively comfortable and I would not need backup reception shoes?

Then there is our last and final candidate Helmour from the legendary Louboutin family. She’s a bit of a celebrity, and let’s face it – is shoe royalty. And she would dominate every other shoe on this page. Dominate.

I feel as though I need to go get a weekend job so that I can purchase all four shoes to meet all my needs throughout my day. Shelby would be there to help me take fabulous pictures pre-ceremony. Clarice would walk me down the aisle. Clue would help me get down during my reception. And Helmour would be perfect for my grand sendoff.

Or perhaps I can do away with flowers or something else significant in my budget to feed my shoe greed.

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