Wedding Belt

I finally picked up my wedding dress last week. And praise the Lord – I fit into it! (Those boot camps were worth every penny.) With my heels in hand, I stopped at the tailor to immediately start on the alterations. Oh, and if you must know, I nearly died standing in my killer heels while he pinned and measured my dress. Richie may have to walk down the aisle to me.

Since we had tackled the wedding shoe hold up, I had to rally and work on the next biggest challenge. You see, I have been ferociously working on a wedding belt. I haven’t been able to update my blog as much because [holy cow] we have less than three months to go, folks. Any free time I had, I devoted to sewing and beading and sewing some more.

Don’t get me wrong, my dress is gorgeous, but the dress, hereafter referred to as Nadia, just needed a little bling. I looked into purchasing the sparkly belts available at all the bridal boutiques and I nearly keeled over at what people were charging for these single use monstrosities. And while I may pay a small fortune for shoes, I draw the line at rhinestone belts. And because I am stubborn and crazy determined, I convinced myself that I would just make my own belt. It had to be a particulary pearlized belt, with hints of Swarovski crystal peeking out from time to time.

No, this post will not be a DIY one that lists instructions on how to make a belt such as mine. Because really, the steps are pretty straight forward.

Essentially, I bought a tons of beads.

I sewed them on a ribbon.


For approximately 30 hours.

For real.

All I have left to do is to figure out how the belt will close. While the beads match the color of my dress, the ribbon is too, too white and clashes with the diamond white of my dress. I also didn’t want ribbon to cascade down the back of my dress. Nadia’s got a lot going on visually and I didn’t want the ribbon to be another distraction. So I will figure out how to just simply clasp it closed.

Here are the wonderfully high res images of my supplies, belt and the belt on the only white dress I have on a decorative (not functional) mannequin. It’s hard to see, but this is the best I had.

I obviously have pictures of me in my actual dress with this belt pinned on which were surprisingly good pictures, but alas, I cannot post them as the fiance occasionally stalks my blog. (Love you, babe. And seriously, you may be the one walking down the aisle. I can’t walk in those beautifully ridiculous shoes.)

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