Wedding Veils

I’m on crack. At first I said I was not going to buy a foo-foo, wedding-dress-looking wedding dress and I did. My dress looks like a fondant wedding cake, actually.

Then I said I was not going to don a veil. In stepped Mama who said of course I had to wear a veil. One wears a veil with a wedding dress. They are inseparable. The really, really smart saleswoman stepped in and threw in a veil for free. End of discussion.

So, I was going to wear this plain Jane free veil with my fondant cake dress. But then the hairstyle I had in mind didn’t go with the veil. (I want a messy, side bun.) Where would the veil go? If my bun is not symmetrical, a veil spouting from the middle of my head would look pretty ridiculous.

So we were back to no veil.

Then I remembered that my photographer (God bless you, Ryan Ray) sent me this fabulous list of places of all kinds of things – veils and headpieces included.

So I decided it wouldn’t hurt to look through them. Oye.

Birdcage veils. I can just stab that in the side of my head and it would work with my wonky hair! LOOKIT ALL THE LOOT I FOUND.

These are from Twigs and Honey. I die over them.

These are from Lo Boheme.

And finally, these are from Tessa Kim.

As in usual fashion, I decide that I want something and want it now, and goodness – each of these are made to order and will take 3-5 weeks to get on my head. Obviously, I can pay for rush shipping, but we all know Linda will not do that. And 3-5 weeks would be perfectly acceptable if I hadn’t also decided last minute that I want to do bridal portraits. (Yes, in my fondant cake dress.) And that very well may be scheduled before this deadline.

So I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to make my own. Sigh. Less than three months to go, and a whole page of DIY projects that I have not yet completed and I add another critical one to push all others further down the list.

I’m on crack.

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