Looks for Groomsmen

No offense, it’s really hard to get excited about attire for groomsmen. Unless you really want to go outside of the box, their outfits all start to blur together. Originally when I had envisioned my backyard chic shindig, I had wanted my boys to look hipster – like this  J. Crew model.

I envisioned skinny ties, vests or suspenders instead of tuxes, and casual Converse shoes. All in a gray tone.

Actually, like my bridesmaid Sandi’s wedding. She and her husband had custom Converse shoes made with the groomsmens’ initials stitched on the heel. It made for such lovely pictures. I mean, the picture with his Converse and her Louboutins make my heart pitter-patter. (It may be just the Louboutins that have that effect on me. Do you see how gorg her shoes are?!)

[Pictures courtesy of Shelley Foster Photography. One of the nicest photographers you’ll meet, by the way.]

I also thought about giving them these adorable mustache tie clips, with matching top hat cuff links, to complete the whimsical, tongue-in-cheek look I had in mind.

But alas, I had to go pick an uber fancy schmancy fondant cake wedding dress and obnoxiously snobby Louboutins. Suddenly, those Converse and mustaches no longer jived with my overall look. (Plus, Richie has always been pro-tuxedo. He’s a fancy schmancy kind of groom. Shh.)

So we opted for the penguin suits to match my fondant cake dress. Old faithful to the rescue. And by that, I mean Men’s Wearhouse. Here is what we picked. With uber shiny dress shoes to match. (So long, Converse.)

We will be looking to purchase skinny ties for the groomsmen as the fat tie bores me. You see, we’ve got to sneak in a bit of the hipster look or I’ll be crushed.

Also on my DIY list – boutonnieres. However, I can’t have it looking like a first grader’s art project. And since this has made it on the list with low priority, the back up plan will be to allow the florist to actually do her job. Especially since I have an outrageous amount to make – a whopping fourteen! (Seven groomsmen, three ushers, two dads, one groom and one officiant.)


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