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One Year Engagement Anniversary!

This time last year, Richie proposed. Oh and it was a good one. Like, monumental good. For those that know us, I’m sure you’ll gag at hearing this story again. For those that don’t, please allow me the time to … Continue reading

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Ribbon Wands

I know every bride later has hindsight after the wedding to figure out what she could have done differently, what she could have done without and what she wished she could have had. Well, the wedding is not here yet … Continue reading

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Official Teaser

Ryan Ray posted one shot of our engagement shoot on his site. Take a lookie-loo. More coming!  

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Best Wedding Venues in Dallas

As promised, here is my list of the best places to get married in Dallas. Cities within the DFW umbrella were not considered. We have a lot of out of town guests, many of which it will be their first time … Continue reading

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What to Consider Before Venue Hunting

One of Richie’s coworkers just got engaged. She then asked Richie to ask me to provide a list of venues that we looked at. This is not the first time I’ve been asked this. Why? Well, as I mentioned in … Continue reading

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Bachelorette Party Packet

Invitations sent out. Rehearsal dinner invites… work in progress. Bachelorette party packets… will go out in tomorrow’s mail. My other fun DIY project was to send out a bachelorette party mix CD to get the girls (even more) pumped for … Continue reading

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Wedding Paper

My goodness. Is it invitation time already? I feel like we just barely sent out our Save the Dates. You mean to tell me that I should have had invitations out a month ago? Well, that ship sailed. Paper, I … Continue reading

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