Wedding Garters

Don’t worry. This will not be a post about how I think I can make my own garter. I’m not that crazy ambitious. I would have to buy a sewing machine for that, and really, where would I put one? And dropping a few hundred for a garter that no one (but everyone who looks at my pictures) will see? Come on now.

Last year I was on the hunt for a garter for my BFF/MoH’s wedding. I found this wonderful Etsy shop – JLWeddings. She does great work and ships fast. She even made Emma’s wedding belt.

I suppose I have to get one. And no, not so Richie has to go up my dress in front of 200 of my closest friends and relatives to dig it out to toss to his very single friends and make for just a very, very awkward situation for me and my entire very Korean family where any kind of PDA is just not done.

Actually, I really don’t need one. So I may opt out. But if I were to get one… here are two that I really like from Jen’s shop. Well, this first one doesn’t go with the fondant cake dress, but it would have gone with the very first dress I ever tried on and thought was the one because it was very elegant and vintage and lacy and hippie, (and all future dresses were compared to this number), and I wish so badly I could post those pictures, but you’ll just have to imagine it with my description and picture of this garter.

Then there is this beauty that would actually go with my fondant cake dress because it kind of looks like a cake too, don’t you think?

She does extremely beautiful work, and I may or may not reach out to her to get one. What do you do with a garter after the wedding? Well, what do you do with the wedding dress… and the veil… and the wedding belt…

And thinking about it now, this post would have been about how I think I could have made one myself if I had not attempted to make a bloody veil this weekend with disastrous results. I have mutilated tulle e v e r y w h e r e.

However, I still think I can do it. Otherwise, Tessa Kim has an Etsy shop.

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