Wedding Paper

My goodness. Is it invitation time already? I feel like we just barely sent out our Save the Dates. You mean to tell me that I should have had invitations out a month ago? Well, that ship sailed.

Paper, I think has always been the most important detail to me. I love any kind of stationary, journals, cards, you name it – so this part of the wedding has put a lot of pressure on me to translate my love of paper into something that my guests will appreciate and not toss immediately.

I spent my entire weekend putting together my invitation package. Finally, they will go out first thing in the morning. (Hurray!) There are aspects of it that make me giddy with excitement (the design and execution of the actual invitation). There are parts to it that disappoint me (i.e. I didn’t have time to calligraphy the addresses, surprise, and we couldn’t afford letterpress), but all in all, am very excited to send them out.

They are very us – meaning that they aren’t your very traditional, run-of-the-mill invitations (different shape, no inner envelope, no bells and whistles). However, I think they capture the look and feel of the wedding that we have in mind.

Nope, I will not post pictures of the invitations today, as I am quite sick of looking at them. I feel like I spent half my life cutting, pasting, stamping, sealing and printing. And I’m quite worn out.

After the initial triumph of finishing my invites, I realized with dread that I had to get my rehearsal dinner invites out as well. Oh the horror. If I had all the time in the world, these would have gotten done months ago.

However, Etsy to the rescue. I think I found a look that suits me. Was lucky to find this seller that had this custom listing.

Except imagine a much more brighter, plum-mer background, and a state of Texas border somewhere. I may be jumping the gun as I actually haven’t heard back from him yet, but I have high hopes. If not, you can be sure I will express my discontent in a future post…

So that I will not repeat this dejavu feeling of horror, I started thinking about programs. And found this drool worthy tri-fold masterpiece that is out of my league in price. But I can still fantasize about it.

And even though I think menu cards are superfluous (at least for my wedding), I really liked the cohesiveness of this set. And even if I wanted to incorporate Dallas’ skyline in somehow – I have to draw the line somewhere. I’m approaching too many themes.

And then I got to thinking about table numbers and my heart flip flopped for this look.

In my next life, I plan on being a graphic designer. And I promise as soon as this wedding madness is over I actually will. And then I’ll kick myself for not mastering it while I actually planned my own wedding. But that’s okay.


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