Best Wedding Venues in Dallas

As promised, here is my list of the best places to get married in Dallas. Cities within the DFW umbrella were not considered. We have a lot of out of town guests, many of which it will be their first time in Texas, so we wanted a good, centrally located venue that would allow the guests to explore the goodies of Dallas without having to drive or walk very far.

My criteria were as follows – an all-in-one venue (one that could house both our ceremony and reception), one that had outdoor options, and one that had nearby housing for our guests.

I’ve rambled long enough. Here we go.

Best Historic Venue – Aldredge House

Located in historic Swiss Avenue – it’s a gorgeous house with basically a wrap around porch perfect for cocktails. You have the option of getting married outside in a quaint little garden surrounded by greenery. The backyard is probably the best feature – and I could see us having long rectangle tables with tons of string lighting for our dinner. Inside, you’ve got a nice lounge room, a to-die-for sun room, a great getting ready spot for the girls, and even a nursery full of toys for kids.

The downside for us was the location. While it is in historic Dallas, there are no nearby hotels, and because it is literally a house in the middle of a residential street, there is no convenient parking and all guests would have to valet. The other downer was that while I love the vintage feel, the house is obviously, old, so it was missing the clean, simple, new modern look I love.

Honorable Mention for Historic Category – Belo Mansion

This was home to the founder of the Dallas Morning News and wins points for its location in downtown Dallas. It can accomodate all sizes. If your party is massive, they have one wing dedicated for you. For smaller sizes, they move you to the side where the original mansion sits. When we visited, they had Christmas decorations up and running – tree, fireplace and all. It provides a nice separation between cocktail hour to dinner.

Best Traditional HotelWarwick Melrose Hotel

The location is on the outskirts of Uptown, in an unexpected spot, but it is quite something. From the parking to the lobby, it will impress you. The best part about this hotel is that you have the option of having your ceremony outside on the second level on the terrace! Truly gorgeous up there – the way you get out there is even fun. And the size is perfect – you can even fit a string quartet. And this hotel so deserves one. The only con was that the decor is uber-traditional. Especially the carpet.

Honorable Mention for Traditional Hotel Category – Adolphus Hotel

The Adolphus gets brownie points for its location. Prime real estate. Plus, you get this awesome shot of their old keys right at check-in. Big con for us was that it really is just a reception-only venue, despite their “ceremony” rooms downstairs. They also don’t offer any kind of outdoor option, but truly a gorgeous hotel.

Best Funky Fresh Hotel – Stoneleigh Hotel

Hands down, one of my favorite venues we looked at. (I’ve written about her before.) Great location, great look, vintage/modern mixes. The owner of the hotel used to live on the penthouse floor, so each room was decorated with a different theme. The absolute-can’t-beat best part about the whole thing is the wicked awesome two story suite you can get ready in, and spend your wedding night. It opens up into a beautiful patio that overlooks downtown. It’s look is so unique that so many brides take their bridal portraits on location. The only downside would be the size that it can accomodate. Because of the unique layout, it’s best meant for a more intimate gathering.

Honorable Mention for Funky Fresh Hotel – A Loft

Again, great location. Very colorful. VERY colorful. Very clean, very modern. Cement walls and all.

Best Museums – Crow Collection and Nasher Sculpture Center

Had to give these two venues a tie. They are both located across the street from each other, with their sister, the Dallas Museum of Art right down the road. The Crow Collection of Asian Art is incredible and has multiple levels within the museum. One part of the museum is separated by a walkway covered in paper cranes from the ceiling. It connects into a room that is ideal for a ceremony based on the way the art is displayed.

The downside to this venue is that you have no control over what exhibitions will be on display on your wedding day. They actually were completely unavailable based on the exhibition that would have been going on in November.

The Nasher Sculpture Center was in one word, breathtaking. They are only available for receptions and it is completely outdoors. The sculpture garden makes for an incredible backdrop. However, this venue was so weather dependent that we decided not to take the risk.

Best Restaurant – Marie Gabrielle


I’ve written about this venues before. Marie Gabrielle was a fantastic find. Not only is the restaurant delicious, it leads to a massive outside garden that is just the best. (Includes life-size chess!!) During the holidays, they light up a million string lights and set up a humongous Christmas tree that only adds to the magic. The best part for (for the bride) is the walkway to the ceremony. It’s a bridge covered in moss and makes for the most romantic pictures.

Honorable Mention Restaurant – Avanti Fountain Place

Designed by I.M. Pei, this building is stunning. Can’t remember how many fountains there actually are, but it’s called the Fountain Place for a reason. You have the lovely option to get married outside amongst it all. Makes for some incredible pictures. One of my bridesmaids got married here in March and it was so fun. It also connects directly to the Fairmount Hotel, so it’s super convenient for all your guests.

Best ‘Random’ Venue – Studios 1019

Besides the venue that we ultimately decided on, this was our absolute favorite. FAVORITE. F a v o r i t e venue. I think the best hidden venue in all of Dallas. It’s located in the Design Destrict hidden among a bunch of other warehouse looking buildings. But you step inside, and it’s like you are in another world. It has green space and tons of modern white space. When not in use for weddings, it’s the location of many, many fashion photoshoots. Fun fact: Donatella Versace held a party there. However, it was too small to hold our size, and the closest hotel was not close. So with an extremely heavy heart, we had to pass on it.

Best Honorable Mention for Random Category – 129 Leslie

A hop, skip and a jump away from Studios 1019 – 129 Leslie is also located in the Design District in a row of warehouses. You step inside, and are transported into a white modern wonderland. Clean and modern. So chic. There’s even a recreation area in the back with a pool table. Plus, it’s run by a caterer so you know the food is excellent.

So in a very long, cramped nutshell these are my votes for places to get married in Dallas. You’ll notice I left my venue off. I haven’t found the proper way to express how in love with it I am so until I find the right words and pictures, I shall stay silent.

You know I also have honorable-honorable mentions in all of the categories above, so feel free to ask me if you’d like to see more.

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  1. Meg says:

    Just got engaged (yay!) and am just starting to think about wedding planning (blerg). We seem to have similar taste in venues; where did you end up getting married?

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