Ribbon Wands

I know every bride later has hindsight after the wedding to figure out what she could have done differently, what she could have done without and what she wished she could have had. Well, the wedding is not here yet and I can tell you already what I could have done without – ribbon wands.

Somehow in the early stages of wedding planning, I saw an absurd picture of someone doing a ribbon wand exit and thought “ohmygoodness that is the exact homey touch DIY project I need for my own wedding…”

What in the world was wrong with me. Wooden dowels, ribbon, paint and hot glue guns were purchased long before I started piling on the DIY projects. About 20 dowels in, I thought to myself, “is this really necessary?” But I plowed on. Why I felt it necessary to paint perfectly fine natural wood dowels to an unnecessary white is beyond me.

Once those were painted, I had to figure out the acceptable length for people to wave the ribbons back and forth. 3 feet was determined to be the perfect length. About 30 ribbons on, I tried to ignore the regret I was feeling for taking on such a time-consuming project.

Once the ribbons were glued on, I then had to singe the edges (so that they will not fray when the time comes for the waving) and then roll up them so that they stored nicely. About five minutes in it became nearly impossible for me to hold back the feelings of impatience and regret for taking on this stupid project.

But here it is, 168 ribbon wands. Which is not enough and frankly, I’m considering telling my least favorite twenty guests not to grab one because to make an additional twenty will take forever. KIDDING, kidding! I will suck it up and power through it because this is the bed I made. But it’s a pretty, colorful bed.

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