One Year Engagement Anniversary!


This time last year, Richie proposed. Oh and it was a good one. Like, monumental good. For those that know us, I’m sure you’ll gag at hearing this story again. For those that don’t, please allow me the time to brag about my man.

Richie collaborated with my boss to convince me that I had a super-duper-uber important business dinner that I absolutely had to make at my very favorite restaurant, the Grape. I left work in what I thought was an appropriate amount of time to get all the way downtown. Wrong. Fate allowed three different accidents to happen at three different highways. Hence, Richie was left waiting and sweating through his brand new suit for an extended period of time.

I arrived at the restaurant embarrassingly late. (Fashionably late was about a half an hour ago…) The hostess gave me a stern look and told me that my ‘party’ had been waiting and led me to the private wine room in the back of the restaurant. I sped walked down the hallway and nearly collided with a red ribbon hanging down from the entrance of the doorway. This ribbon had a note card attached to it that had my name on it. As I was in work mode, I was thoroughly confused, but read the back of the card that told me to follow the red ribbon down memory lane.

This is where it gets good. He had set up the entire backroom with six tables that each had a bouquet of roses on them, sprinkled with candles, along with mementos from important moments in my life and a poem that described the keepsake. (The red ribbon connected the tables.)

The First Table: My favorite childhood memories were those of biking in the neighborhoods with my best friends. Earlier in the year, Richie had surprised me by renting vintage bikes and we spent the entire afternoon biking through town. He had pictures of me from that day displayed on the table.

The Second Table: I played piano for a decade in my early years, and he somehow found a toy piano that played the very last song I every performed at a recital and had it playing.

The Third Table: I dabbled a bit in modeling and acting throughout high school and part of college. I had a teeny, tiny, infinitesimal bit part in an indie movie and he managed to find the only DVD copy sold in the world and had it displayed.

The Fourth Table: In college, I was heavily involved in organizations. One of my favorites was being part of the Texas Sweethearts, which were a spirit group for the men’s basketball team. He got a longhorn stuffed animal, and dressed it in a sweatshirt that had the official Texas Sweethearts logo on it that he had made.

The Fifth Table: After college, I moved to New York to start my fashion career as an intern. One of the companies I interned at was Escada, which only added to my love of retail, plus it was on 5th Avenue in New York. Couldn’t beat that. He had Escada perfume bottles lining the table.

The final table: After I moved back to Texas, I started my real-life career at JCPenney. When I met Richie, I was working in the luggage department as an allocator, so he constructed a mini rolling suitcase out of JCPenney gift cards.

The last poem on this table told me to turn around, and when I did, there he was, standing in his brand new suit with the prettiest ring I’d ever seen.

I told you it was a good story. So, today is our one year engagement anniversary and in Richie-form, he surprised me with this gorgeous arrangement at work.


Sadly, we will not get to celebrate today as we are both on our way to celebrate our bachelor/bachelorette parties.

He is in Vancouver.


I am on my way to Miami!

Thank goodness, as I need to get my mind off the fact that I have about five weeks left with a kajillion things on my to-do! We will not worry about the fact that my bridals are next week and I have not properly finished my belt, or started on my veil. Or picked a location for that matter. These frivolous problems do not exist in Miami, Trick.

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