Featured: Our Engagement Shoot!


Happy early birthday to me!!! Our themed engagement shoot is featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs today – Wedding Chicks!

I’ve been hinting about it for awhile, and the day has finally come!! Richie thought of our concept – “Bikes. Boats. Balloons. Any means of transport – get to Dallas.” Clever boy, isn’t he?

So we styled our shoot around this whole idea. It was a three part shoot. The third part is where we ran into hiccups because hot air balloons are very fickle animals. We tried 4 times to work with the weather, but it was so worth it as you can see the final results! (Plus, got to cross the hot air balloon ride off my bucket list!)

For a full look at our shoot go to the Wedding Chicks page here.

Or you can see it on our photographer’s website here.

And in case you can’t get enough of my showboating, you can also view it here at our stylist’s website.

Dream come true. I’m one happy bride.

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One Response to Featured: Our Engagement Shoot!

  1. Awwww, love it! You guys are awesome.

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