Wedding Day!!


I’m getting married to my best friend today!!!!

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Featured: Our Engagement Shoot!


Happy early birthday to me!!! Our themed engagement shoot is featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs today – Wedding Chicks!

I’ve been hinting about it for awhile, and the day has finally come!! Richie thought of our concept – “Bikes. Boats. Balloons. Any means of transport – get to Dallas.” Clever boy, isn’t he?

So we styled our shoot around this whole idea. It was a three part shoot. The third part is where we ran into hiccups because hot air balloons are very fickle animals. We tried 4 times to work with the weather, but it was so worth it as you can see the final results! (Plus, got to cross the hot air balloon ride off my bucket list!)

For a full look at our shoot go to the Wedding Chicks page here.

Or you can see it on our photographer’s website here.

And in case you can’t get enough of my showboating, you can also view it here at our stylist’s website.

Dream come true. I’m one happy bride.

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Surprise Post Tomorrow!

Exciting news that I’ll get to announce and showcase tomorrow!

Stay tuned!!

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Container Store Gift Registry

Thank you, Container Store, for being so considerate and unveiling your newest registry three weeks to go before my wedding. Thanks so much for missing the boat and letting me not register for this closet, or these shoe boxes, or a million other things that I would have loved to have had, had you thought of this idea a year ago.

I’ve been saying for years that you should have a wedding registry because there are more birds out there like me, and now, well, look what you’ve done.

Thanks for nothing.

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Last Friday we flew into Chicago for Richie’s first marathon. What a city.

This post will not be wedding driven, but one dedicated to bragging about my fiancé as he got to cross a major thing off his bucket list. (Plus, in his prep, he picked an ultimate challenge to get in crazy shape for the wedding.)


Before the race we had some down time to explore and take in some activities. One of my favorite places to eat was a place called Quartino, and it had the most amazing Italian tapas and fun atmosphere. We don’t have anything close to that in Dallas.


Then we got to do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do if visiting Chicago and that was to go to Second City – a really funny sketch comedy/improv theater. They even put us front and center.


We had an amazing time, and I got to support him as he accomplished a major feat as he ran for the charity UPS for DownS. This is the United Parent Support for Down Syndrome, a non-profit, parent-driven organization that offers support, education and encouragement for parent, families and anyone one else who loves and cares for those with Down Syndrome. A really great organization.

His sister even flew out to surprise him and we were able to track and stalk him on miles 5, 10 and 19. I had no idea what hard work it is to strategize to track a runner.

I’m so proud of him as he was able to finish the marathon and cross that off his bucket list. Even though I think he’s crazy and why would you voluntarily run 26.2 miles and put yourself through that torture? But I support him 100%. And if he wants to do another one, perhaps I can sway him to choose Hawaii so we can make a vacation out of it.


Regardless, through it all he has dropped a crazy amount of poundage for the wedding and is looking all svelt. I, on the other hand, who hates to sweat, have managed to hold on to the LB’s this entire time. And I have three weeks to go.

Tonight I fly out to Orlando to meet him as he works an event this weekend. The sole purpose of flying out there is so that I can go to Hogwarts. I’ve been geeking out all week.

And since we’ve been out of town every weekend I have no idea when I’ll have time to wrap up all my details. There is still so much left to do and I’m being stupid stubborn and refuse to cross any projects off.

I need six more months. Sigh. Must go pack.

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Bridal Portraits


I never had any intention of getting bridals done. It’s just not my thing. And kind of seems vain to take pictures of just you for the purpose of having it displayed in a ginormous picture frame at your wedding.

But then I met Nadia, my fondant cake wedding dress, and decided, okay maybe this bridal thing isn’t so crazy. But I decided that so late in the game. Like, last week. So I had to scramble to find a non-cliché location. And in Dallas, that’s pretty impossible. If you Google “Dallas bridal locations,” you get about 1,000 results for the same two places.

The other reason I didn’t want a traditional place to shoot was because I was also planning on shooting in two dresses. One – the fondant cake dress, and two – my mom’s hanbok, which is a traditional Korean garment. We are not planning on incorporating the Korean tea ceremony at our wedding, so I thought shooting in the dress would be a nice tribute for my parents. Plus, the hanbok I picked was one that was custom made for my mother for my grandfather’s 70th birthday, so it has double the significance.

Luckily, I remembered the Delaney Vineyards from a previous wedding I attended. And, they were available with only a three day warning! Rows and rows and rows of vines (a lot of dead vines I might add) but all outside and all perfect for the hippy-dippy-barefoot-natural-lighting look I had in mind.

Unfortunately, I ended up not looking very casual. It’s hard to when your hair is styled to be in a high fashion editorial magazine, and not meant for wind and sun and natural elements outside. The girl that was supposed to style my hair called in sick (I know!) and I got paired with a stylist that only does high fashion photo shoots. He took one look at my dress and made this phenomenal architectural ball thing on the side of my head. Which really did go well with my fondant cake dress. But you know, the exact opposite of what I had in mind, but I ran out of time to tell him to change it.

But I survived the day and the shoot so here’s hoping that the lovely location plus my magical photographer will equal blog-worthy pictures.

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South Beach


I was in Miami. And it was amazing. Ridiculous. Unforgettable. And I keep finding sand everywhere.

I also came home with a golden glow that I hope lasts until November.

Now it’s wedding crunch time.

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